Volterra Ecosystem S.L.

Volterra Ecosystems S.L., aims to restore ecosystems through innovative agro and forestry techniques in Spain. We offer a proven integral management approach with a healthy soil as the basis for successful regeneration of both rain fed and irrigated croplands. A well designed agroforestry system is resilient and not only restores degraded areas but also generates multiple ecosystem services. We believe that landscape restoration offers large untapped opportunities for sustainable economic development.

Volterra has the experience to restore degraded areas into healthy soils. We have performed large-scale landscape restoration with local farmers, land-users and experts, based on sustainable agroforestry practices and novel technologies. We have proven that implementing these projects we do not only provide positive economic returns but also transfer knowledge which brings back jobs and generates multiple business activities in the area.

Volterra is currently involved in 4 LIFE projects dealing with reforestation, organic agriculture, dehesa and wetland restoration, always with a double objective: both environmental and economic progress has to be made in order for these projects to become long-term successful. Apart from technical assistance, Volterra offers extensive experience in conducting campaigns to increase local awareness (LIFE15 CCA/ES/000125 – The Green Link, LIFE15 ENV/UK/000386 – Laser Fence, LIFE16 ENV/ES/000276 – Regenerate and LIFE16 CCM/GR/000044 – Biomass C+). Furthermore, it recently concluded a Horizon 2020 project (FTI Pilot – 2015 – 1 GA Nº 700615 “FTI Cocoon”) and is nationally involved in Grupo Operativo Ecopionet.

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LIFE18 CCA/ES/001110

“Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient and productive mediterranean forests threatened by climate change”


C/ Cordel de merinas, 40-52

37008 Salamanca, Spain