Volterra Ecosystems S.L.

Results in MycoEconomy, MycoForestry and Dissemination

  • Thanks to the Life Mycorestore project Volterra was able to support the planting of inoculated trees and engage in thinning with spores, although with mixed results.
  • It has been most active in the Dissemination activities with a website that hosts hundreds of relevant articles in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.
  • It has participated and supported partners to engage in conferences, trade fairs, markets, stakeholder meetings and created a large number of professional videos that will prove very valuable in the After Life period.
  • Within the Mycoeconomy action, Volterra supported Mycelio with the training sessions and has demonstrated biochar production with an artesanal Kontiki oven to multiple stakeholders. The resulting biochar has proven a perfect component to produce added-value compost, although scaling will be needed to make this product cost-competitive.
  • Finally, it has engaged with stakeholders to support Replication and providing evidence for the long term business case with alternative income streams. In that sense the first expedited biochar carbon credit was a landmark achievement for Volterra and will pave the way for European landowners and practitioners to engage in these types of added-value practices.
  • It also initiated the “Circular forestry lab” concept with already 1 new involved area in France (joining the project areas in Spain and Portugal). All 3 operations will be promoted as regional hubs for sustainable forestry management practices and learning centers for future operators in this promising sector. Each center has pledged to host multiple interns per year, engage in the regular organisation of technical seminars and provide regularly relevant content on their social media and video channels. The involved partners have also pledged to participate in new European R&D and demonstration projects to deepen the existing knowledge base and aim to expand the model to other European countries.