Myco Life S.L.

Results in MycoEconomy and MycoForestry

  • Thanks to the Life Mycorestore project, Mycelio was able to develop and install a batch-based substrate production line.
  • It has also tested a number of different mushrooms (with Lion’s mane, or as the most successful) both in terms of production (yields, health) and in the market (via restaurants, markets/trade fairs and showcooking sessions).
  • Thanks to the C2M team it has improved its business plan and taken strategic choices to focus on wood-based substrate and wholesalers, instead of trying to break into the B2C market (which requires heavy marketing investment).
  • It has been able to sell substrate to professional mushroom growers in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany although internal exporting capacity will need to be developed further.
  • Mycelio took over SocialForest’s task with regard to training and actions in the forest and trained a large group of enthusiastic young “mycoforesters” in collaboration with Volterra.
  • Many of the trained foresters obtained their European Chainsaw certificate and will continue to expand the obtained knowledge to create jobs and new projects in forest areas across Europe.