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Results in MycoForestry, MycoControl & MycoEconomy

Mushroom production in logs (Linares de Riofrío)

  • It has been possible to produce medicinal mushrooms, in this case turkey tail (Trametes versicolor), on remains of silvicultural treatments to prevent the spread of chestnut blight. This supposes the demonstration of a new source of income, through the production of non-timber forest products of high economic and environmental value (since no energy is spent for their production).

Limestone amendment (El Cubo de Don Sancho, Valdelosa y La Alamedilla)

  • It has been possible to correct the pH of the soil, through successive applications of calcium carbonate in the demonstration plots of El Cubo de Don Sancho, Valdelosa and La Alamedilla. With this correction it has been possible to achieve:

    • A good development of the fungal valuable biocontrol specie summer truffle ( aestivum).

    • An antagonism against the phytopathogenic fungus cinnamomi since the calcium ion hinders its growth.

Fungal inoculation of adult trees

  • All the different species of mycorrhizal fungi used have been associated with the inoculated trees. This can be related to an improvement in the phytosanitary status of the trees.