Colquida, Lda

Results in MycoForestry & MycoEconomy


  • Participation in training conducted by Social Forest (in Barcelona)

Forestry activities in Portugal

  • Promotion of sustainable forest management
  • Restoring, preserving, and enhancing forestry ecosystems in Cerdeira and Silveira demo sites
  • Equipment for forest management bought
  • Use the best practices learned in training in forest management
  • Cleaning existing forests and cutting invasive species in the Silveira and Cerdeira sites
  • Starting to produce biochar for forestry, tree nursery, and horticulture use
  • Using wood chips from thinning for earth enrichment
  • Providing organic material for the soil improvement
  • Truffle inoculation on two sites in collaboration with IDForest – One in Cerdeira and another in Silveira (around 800 holes were inoculated)
  • Cleaning and preparing two ruins in Cerdeira for log inoculation
  • Inoculation of shitake and oyster mushrooms on logs in Cerdeira
  • Inoculation of mycorrhiza fungi on several tree nursery species
  • Elaboration of a forest management plan for the Silveira area. Survey and analysis of the existing forest area. Study of the impact of climate change on the territory.
  • Building a tree Nursery in Cerdeira for reforestation
  • Reforestation project with Volterra and local volunteers – February 2021
  • Thinning and cutting of forest stands (forest fire prevention)
  • Cutting and preparation of 256 tons of wood for Cerdeira’s multi-uses: firewood for heating, firewood to fire ceramics, and wood for woodworking courses

Replication actions, starting with the Forest Management Plan

  • Received permission for Truffle Introduction Project from Portuguese Conservation Entity (ICNF)
  • Elaboration and approvement of Forest Management Plan for Silveira area
  • Masterplan agroforestry design
  • Study of water retention in Silveira site

Replication activities

  • Successfully trained 12 trainees Regenerative Systems Design Retreat (Cerdeira)
  • Building a BaseCamp for future Silveira’s project
  • Cerdeira and Silveira will function as a Circular Forestry Lab showcasing and teaching sustainable forestry, substrate, mushroom, compost, biochar, renewable energies, carbon credits, bioconstruction and holistic management

Commercial Strategy

  • Create a spin-off company, Mysoil, which will focus on forest management and regeneration of the Silveira territory (230 hectares) and the production of Tenébrio insects. Insects’ frass will be used to fertilize the soil.
  • Invest in GoldenCap, which will establish an exotic mushroom production factory. It is estimated to have a production capacity of 290 tons of mushrooms per year.
  • Established the Regen Lab, a center for experimentation and training in Silveira’s forest management and natural regeneration techniques.
  • Establish an Agro-food Innovation Center in Lousã, an incubator for innovative industrial projects incorporating technology in the agro-food sector. The Center will receive the GoldenCap mushroom factory and the Mysoil insect production unit.
  • Silveira Tech and Regen projects – an ambitious regenerative project for more than 220 hectares of land in Lousã mountains.