Results of the LIFE MycoRestore partner’s work

       The LIFE MycoRestore project is a result of collaborative teamwork, with partners working hand in hand to support the restoration of forest ecosystems through the project’s three main actions: MycoForestry, MycoControl, and MycoEconomy.

       This close collabatoration between partners led to the following general results:

– Successful isolation and testing of autochthonous biocontrol fungi.

– Successful mycorrhizal inoculation in demo sites.

– Limestone amendments improved truffle mycelium growth.

– Efficient use of cactus shelters for protection of newly planted trees, for Cocoons to be effective in extremely dry summers it is recommended to refill them once or twice

– Efficient traps for Cerambyx, not effective for Coraebus.

– Biodiversity boxes promoted natural pest control.

– Combined strategies reduced disease incidence and improved tree health.

– Successful training and skill development for forestry workers.

– Promising prospects for sustainable forestry practices.

– Integration of substrate-mushroom production for sustainability.

– Cost efficiency through automation and specialisation.

– Integration provides quality control and market potential.

– Biochar holds a lot of potential for added-value compost production, soil improvement and several other applications.

– Potential for replication and knowledge exchange around circular forestry practices.

       If you want to dive deep into the most specific results that each partner has achieved in each of the project’s actions you can find below a section devoted to each partner.

LIFE MycoRestore team hopes that these results serve as inspiration and motivation for all those interested in preserving and strengthening the health of Mediterranean forest ecosystems threatened by climate change.