Cooperation with other LIFE projects:

  1. LIFE16 ENV/ES/000276 – LIFE Regenerate:Revitalizing multifunctional Mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems using dynamic and profitable operational practices. Cooperation article: Networking Regenerate and LIFE MycoRestore- improving the composting process
  2. LIFE14 ENV/ES/000640 – LIFE Smart Fertirrigation: Integrated pig manure digestate processing for direct injection of organic liquid fertilizer into irrigation systems. Cooperation article: Networking between LIFE MycoRestore-Smart Fertirrigation
  3. LIFE16 CCM/GR/000044 + LIFE Biomass C+: Low-cost, carbon positive bioethanol production with innovative Green Floating Filters in multiple water bodies.

  4. LIFE14 NAT/IT/000209 – LIFE Eremita: Coordinated actions to preserve residual and isolated populations of forest and freshwater insects in Emilia-Romagna. Cooperation article: Networking between LIFE MycoRestore – LIFE Eremita

  5. LIFE15 CCA/IT/00089 –  LIFE AForClimate: Adapting Forest Management to Climate Variability. Cooperation article: Networking between LIFE AForClimate – LIFE MycoRestore

6. LIFE 15 CCA/ES/125 – LIFE The Green Link: Restore desertified areas with an innovative tree growing method across the Mediterranean border to increase resilience. Cooperation article: Networking between LIFE The Green Link – LIFE MycoRestore

7. LIFE17 GIE/IT/000561 – LIFE GoProFor: GOod PRactices implementation netwOrk for FORest biodiversity conservation. Cooperation article: Networking LIFE GoProFor – LIFE MycoRestore

8. LIFE17 ESC/IT/000001 – LIFE ESC360: 360 volunteers for monitoring forest biodiversity in the Italian Natura 2000 Network. Cooperation article: Networking LIFE ESC360 – LIFE MycoRestore


Cooperation opportunities with other LIFE initiatives:

  1. LIFE MYCOVALDORBA LIFE00 ENV/E/000402 Development and implementation of an integrated system for the sustainable management of wild fungus-producing forest ecosystems in Valdorva, Navarra.
  2. LIFE AFORCLIMATE LIFE15 CCA/IT/000089 Adaptation of Forest management to Climate variability: an ecological approach.
  3. LIFE FORECCAsT Forest LIFE15 CCA/FR/000021 Climate Change Adaptation.
  4. SelPiBioLife LIFE13 BIO/IT/000282 Innovative silvicultural treatments to enhance soil biodiversity in artificial black pine stands.
  5. LIFE BIODEHESA (LIFE11/BIO/ES/000726) Dehesa ecosystems: Development of policies and tools for biodiversity management and conservation.
  6. LIFE-MONTADO-ADAPT (LIFE15 CCA/PT/000043) Montado & Climate; a need to adapt.
  7. LIFE The Green Link (LIFE15 CCA/ES/000125) Restore desertified areas with an innovative tree growing method across the Mediterranean border to increase resilience.
  9. LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS LIFE17 CCA/ES/000063 Coupling water, fire and climate resilience with biomass production in Forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change.
  10. LIFE RESILIENCE LIFE17 CCA/ES/000030 Prevention of X. fastidiosa in intensive olive & almond plantations applying productive green farming practices.
  11. LIFE MixForChange LIFE15 CCA/ES/000060 Innovative management strategies for climate change adaptation of mixed subhumid Mediterranean forests.

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LIFE18 CCA/ES/001110

“Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient and productive mediterranean forests threatened by climate change”


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