Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche Istituto Per la Protezione Sostenibile Delle Piante (IPSP-CNR)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) is the Italian Governmental Research Organization. The Institute for Sustainable plant Protection (IPSP) studies plant response to biotic and abiotic stress factors, with the aim of identifying mechanisms of resistance and adaptation, to promote plant health in agriculture and forestry.

This implies strengthening the use of natural enemies and beneficial microorganisms in integrated pest management, selecting and recovering valuable plant germplasm,
identifying bio-molecules of agricultural or industrial interest and promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.

In particular, many studies focus on the effect of biotic and abiotic stress on the functionality of woody plants as conifers and broad-leaves. The research group involved in this LIFE project possess a great experience in the field of forest pathology and physiology.

The main research themes are:

  1. The study of host-pathogen interaction, aiming at the control of pathogens through innovative and sustainable methods;
  2. The conservation of biodiversity of host and pathogen;
  3. The in situ and ex situ (clonal arboretum) conservation of tree species and recovery of degraded sites;
  4. The breeding and selection of high quality genotipes, focusing in particular on clones resistant to pathogens.

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LIFE18 CCA/ES/001110

“Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient and productive mediterranean forests threatened by climate change”


C/ Cordel de merinas, 40-52

37008 Salamanca, Spain