A. Preparatory actions

  • A.1 Mapping Forest Health

Use drone and satellite imagery, field level visual and lab analyses to create an integral inventory of forest health in demo sites.

  • A.2 Plan & Design trial sites & training

Determine the implementation plan for each of the 6 sites and carry out training in inoculation.

  • A.3 Preparing strategy for MycoEconomy

Prepare necessary strategies for the technical and commercial success of C.2 action.

C. Implementation actions

Demonstrate sustainable mycological and forestry management practices for wildfire & drought-resistant forests.

Promote green jobs for people at risk of social exclusion by training them to replace traditionally low-value biomass production with high skilled work: processing wood and producing innovative high value mushrooms. It will demonstrate a circular economy approach to mushroom & substrate supply chains, stimulating rural economies.

Provide proof of concept on the use of natural myco-control products and native fungal species for reduced pest/pathogen presence in forests.

  • C.4 Replication.

Manage the replication of the actions C.1, C.3 in Spain and Italy; and C2 in Portugal and other regions of Spain. A “Best Practice Handbook” and “Replication Plan” will be created and shared to meet these ends.


D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  • D.1 Monitoring of KPI’s.

Define the protocols for measurements on site, measure the baseline and control the activities for the entire duration, ensuring that impact and outputs contribute to the KPI indicators.

  • D.2 Conclusions and recommendations.

Gather the consortium and other relevant external stakeholders to prepare a socio-economic impact study in all 3 countries for the conclusions and recommendations report.

E. Communication and dissemination of results

  • E.1 General Dissemination.
  • E.2 Information and awareness-raising for general public.

Both actions will focus on communication and dissemination of results, as well as awareness raising. A strategy for getting the attention of a wider audience is proposed, including creating a project website, social media and preparing dissemination material.

Specialized and technical dissemination is expected through conferences, publications of scientific papers, organized events and networking with other EU projects.

F. Project management

  • F.1 Project management.

Deal with project management and administration, ensuring full cooperation amongst partners, avouching tasks are completed and communicated to the EU.

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“Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient and productive mediterranean forests threatened by climate change”


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