ASES presents Volterra with the first Carbon Removal certificate for biochar production

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The ASES team made a new visit to Mas Rajols farm, this time to grant Volterra the first Carbon Removal credit certified under the ASES On-Chain Protocol, recognizing their achievement of removing carbon from the atmosphere through biochar production. The biochar production process involves the carbonization of biomass, in this case, forest pruning waste. This process results in the creation of a highly stable carbonaceous material that, in Volterra’s case is applied to compost, and stored in the soil in the long term, providing a significant contribution to climate change mitigation.

The success and initiative of Volterra have inspired ASES to acquire its own Kon-Tiki kiln in order to replicate the circular economic model of sustainable forestry management and biochar production in France. This step demonstrates the positive impact and feasibility of the biochar production approach as part of a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges of climate change. ASES is pleased to follow in Volterra’s footsteps and ensures that the work carried out by LIFE MycoRestore will continue beyond the scope of the project, extending its benefits on an even larger scale.