LIFE MycoRestore present in Congress on Healthy Soils held in Valencia

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Yesterday, Sven Kallen of Volterra Ecosystems, represented the consortium of Life Mycorestore in the Congreso ‘Suelos saludables’ (Conference ‘Healthy soils’) in Valencia. This event, with 60 participants, mostly farmers and representatives of research centers from the Valencia area, was organized and hosted by the Fundación Cajamar at their experimental farm in Paiporta.

We presented our findings on biochar and the added value in compost making.

We also participated in a roundtable to discuss the best way for farmers to make their soils healthier and particularly focused on water retention capacity, so critical in the Mediterranean context. There was a lot of interest from farmers to start making biochar and stop burning their excess wood and prunings as they all understand this practice cannot continue (and will be prohibited by the government of Valencia quite soon).

The presentation on biochar can be downloaded in this link and also in the Downloads section of this page.