Volterra visits ASES replicators in Ardèche, France

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Recently, Sven Kallen from Volterra, visited the ASES replicators in the Ardèche region. On their operational farm, we exchanged experiences on upscaling of composting, particularly vermicomposting. The resulting liquid of vermicomposting has strong fertilizing capacity and biopesticide effects, as it improves the quality of root systems. We also discussed using hidrogel as planting support, especially in reforestations projects where there are no irrigation possibilities.

After the biochar trial in Tavertet, ASES decided to invest in a new Kon-Tiki oven, the same used by Volterra. This is a great example of putting replication into action. The oven will be ordered in Spain, and a training program will be set up for French contacts in ASES’ network during May and June. Finally, we were happy to present Guillermo and Sophie with certificates for successfully completing the MycoRestore basic training program by Mycelio and Volterra.