Maintenance of Paco Volante nesting boxes

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IRNASA-CSIC carries out the seasonal cleaning and revision of the biodiversity boxes in Valdelosa and Cubo de Don Sancho On February 27th, the IRNASA-CSIC team carried out the annual cleaning and revision of the nest boxes, located in the demonstration areas of El Cubo de Don Sancho and Valdelosa, to evaluate their effectiveness in the previous season and leave them ready for the current season. In all the nest boxes, remains of bats, small insectivorous birds and different species of hymenopterous insects were found, which is a very positive indicator since the installation of these boxes is favoring the recolonization of species that are natural predators of insect pests such as Cerambyx welensii or Coraebus undatus, as well as promoting pollination in the dehesas.