The work of LIFE MycoRestore presented at the Castilla y León Women Researchers’ Conference

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Laura Vaca, from IRNASA-CSIC presented one of the parts of the LIFE Mycorestore project on the Castilla y León Women Researcher’s Conference that took place in Salamanca the 9th and 10th of January.

Culturomics techniques that have been used to isolate and study the diversity of culturable bacteria present in the bark and wood of trunks of healthy and diseased holm oak trees in the province of Salamanca, were explained.

Results of the work carried out by IRNASA-CSIC were also shared with the audience. More than 300 strains have been isolated which shows the existence of a great diversity of bacteria, predominantly from the phyla Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria and Bacteroidetes, with a different distribution of taxa depending on the state of disease of the holm oaks.

The full presentation can be seen in this video from minute 27 onwards. Great opportunity to spread the word about LIFE MycoRestore efforts to have healthier and more resilient Mediterranean forests.