Scaling up of composting activities

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These days a lot of activities have been happening at the Mas Rajols farm, where the composting process was finally scaled up by Volterra. The prepared biochar (from training activities last December) and freshly made biochar was added to a large pile of organic materials (again in the preferred composition of approx. 10% biochar, 20-30% cow dung, 30-40% spent mushroom substrate and rest wood chips and other available materials. Microbes were added “EM 1 compost activator”). We have now prepared a large lane with composting materials that will be regularly turned by tractor. We see that the worm development is continuing: when you remove a part of the compost you see a huge activity of worms that are a testament to the high quality of the final product (the chickens can’t get enough of it!).

For now all the compost has been used to increase the soil quality of the Mas Rajols pasture lands. The pricing of organic compost (including transport) is still very high, we are now looking to see if we can certify the biochar for Carbon removal credits and that additional income could help to make the ensuing compost more competitive in price.