Analysis of selected BCAs with the Biolog microbial phentopization platform

VolterraNews MycoRestore

At the CNR-IPSP in Florence, from July to September 2022, a demo was carried out on the use of the BIOLOG Omnilog for the study of the metabolic profile of selected microorganisms as BioControl Agents (BCAs) in LIFE MycoRestore. The phenotyping technology offered by Biolog provides valuable information on the properties of fungal strains. Through this platform, environmental and pathogenic microorganisms are identified by producing a “metabolic fingerprint” based on the use of 96 different carbon sources contained within the wells of a specific microplate. Our research team therefore tested 10 isolates of Trichoderma and one of Clonostachys rosea, sampled in San Godenzo and Vallombrosa, as part of the LIFE MycoRestore project, to investigate their specific nutritional needs. The results will be useful to formulate a commercial product to be used in the field for the biocontrol of ink disease in chestnut and root rot in silver fir.