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“Leggi di Scienza” (LeDiS) is a project inserted in a training course and created in collaboration between the National Research Council – CNR Florence Area (Institute of Bioeconomy) , the Civic Library of Calenzano and VIS-Virtual Immersion in Science, the first spinoff of the Scuola Normale of Pisa. LEDIS has announced a 24-month research grant, financed by the FSC (Fund for Development and Cohesion) and falls within the scope of Giovanisì, the project of the Tuscany Region for the autonomy of young.
Through the use of new technologies, such as augmented reality, applied to reading, and the creation of a 360-degree multimedia reading experience through the use of videos, podcasts and live events, LeDiS wants to promote the dissemination of culture science and at the same time promote reading, placing the library at the center as a place of discovery and aggregation. Gianni Della Rocca of CNR-IPSP partner of LIFE MycoRestore was involved by Chiara D’Errico on the project for the creation of texts and videos that will soon be published on Instagram.