Volterra concludes training on biochar and composting

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The sustainable forest management course concluded with a training conducted by Volterra on the production of biochar and compost.

In addition to the theoretical training where information was transmitted about the production of biochar and its multiple uses and benefits, a practical demonstration of the burning process in a Kon-Tiki oven was carried out, for which the smallest pruning remains obtained in the forestry practices that took place in the forests surrounding Mas Rajols were used.

The students were also explained the details of the compost production process, a good example of circular economy in which the waste from Mycelio’s mushroom production is mixed with biochar, manure from the farm’s cows and other organic matter to produce a high quality fertilizer.

This concludes a comprehensive training on sustainable forest management that we hope will contribute to disseminate productive models capable of revitalizing rural economies in a way that is harmonious with nature.