MycoRestore present at Western Iberian Conservation Conference

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On December 3, Iván Franco Manchón, from IDFOREST, spoke about the project’s actions in a conference organized by Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, at the Campanarios de Azaba farm (Salamanca-Spain). The conference took place within the framework of Work Package 1, 1.1 Creation of Voluntary Reserves through land stewardship agreements (Western Iberia, of the Life 2020 NG04GD project, entitled: Conservation of Habitats and Threatened Species in Priority Areas of the FNYH: Western Iberia, Bahía de Santander and Montaña Pasiega (2021-2023). The project has, among other actions, an important content in terms of conservation, developing actions on farms agreed with Custody Agreements signed with their owners, in the case of private properties, or with managers in the case of municipal properties. Hence the title of the conference: “Land Stewardship. Annual meeting of members and supporters of the Farm Club for the Western Iberian Conservation”.