Cerdeira finds a positive outcome for invasive tree species in Portugal

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Since our portuguese partner, Cerdeira – Home for Creativity, observed its first fructifications on inoculated logs, they have noticed some promising results from one of their experiments.

While testing out logs from different species for the mushroom inoculation, they were pleasantly surprised by the results obtained from the Acacia Dealbata species.

The mushrooms grew very well in these logs which was surprising for the team because their use in mushroom inoculation isn’t widely documented like other species of trees.

These were particularly good news since trees from the Acacia genus are an aggressive invader in Portugal’s forests, threatening their ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. These findings have uncovered a new use for this harmful species that could mitigate its negative impact on the local forests.

The team is very excited to keep testing and exploring the mushroom inoculation on this species and document the results for future applications.