Networking day celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the LIFE programme

VolterraNews MycoRestore

On May 21 there was a visit to the Migliarino Regional Park, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli (Pisa), demonstration site of the LIFE SySTEMIC project, where a workshop on sustainable forestry practices in the context of climate change was held to celebrate the 30 years of the LIFE Programme.

Besides LIFE MycoRestore (represented by Dr. Gianni della Roca), the event counted with the presence of LIFE AIRFRESH, and LIFE GoProFor projects. All of these projects have place in the same region: Tuscany, and they all work on ‘forest’ topics. Each project presented the activities they develop to the public and spoke about the importance of funding the protection of the environment at European level. The need to collaborate in the dissemination of other’s project results through each project’s communication channels was also discussed.

The event was open to the public (families, schools and workers in the forestry sector), so it was not only a day of learning and exchange between LIFE projects, but also an opportunity to spread the word locally on the work carried out by MycoRestore.

The event program can be seen here.

Dr. Gianni della Roca during his presentation