Sampling of healthy and diseased holm oaks in the demonstration plots of La Alamedilla

VolterraNews MycoRestore

Within the framework of the LIFE MycoRestore Project, on March 21, 2022, the IRNASA-CSIC team was in the demonstration area of ​​La Alamedilla, Salamanca, collecting samples for the comparative analysis of the bacterial microbiome of holm oaks affected by La Seca disease. The goal is to analyze the biodiversity and dynamics of the bacterial populations involved in this disease. For this, samples of bark and wood were obtained from both healthy and diseased holm oaks. Next, comparative metagenomic studies will be carried out for a taxonomic and/or functional analysis of the entire microbiome present in holm oaks. In addition, thanks to the culturomic analysis, the bacteria present in the tissues of the oaks will be isolated, which is essential to carry out an exhaustive study of the bacteria associated with a certain disease or compartment of the organism under study.