Kick-off event with replicators held in Salamanca

VolterraNews MycoRestore

On Friday March 18th, LIFE MycoRestore held a replicator’s kick-off event in Salamanca, Spain. The event attracted various forest landowners from both dehesa and chestnut production systems.

Presentations were given by the project consortium with the objective of

  1. Educating the landowners about the diseases potentially present in their area
  2. Transmitting practical/technical knowledge on how to combat these diseases and improve overall forest health

The presentations generated interesting discussions from the audience which were continued during the networking session held immediately afterward.

At the end of the event, the “Good practices guide for the identification and control of some common diseases of Mediterranean forests”, a publication that collects the knowledge and experience of the different partners in this field, was presented to the public.

With this, the replication activities of LIFE MycoRestore have officially begun, and the project members will continue to work with and support landowners interested in adopting the practices demonstrated in this project.