Videos about the Technical Seminar in Tavertet released

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A new video summarizing the technical seminar was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the project. This seminar, entitled: “Sustainable Forestry Management through added value products. Practical cases from the Mediterranean” had place in L’Avenc de Tavertet, Catalonia, last December. The event was a great opportunity to spread the word about Life Mycorestore Project within experts from the forestry sector. You can watch the video here.

The presentations from the project’s partners were entitled:

  • MYCELIO: “Exotic mushrooms from locally harvested wood sources”
  • VOLTERRA: “Circular economy in the forestry sector and mushroom industry”
  • ID FOREST: “Truffle production in new and existing forests stands”
  • IPSP-CNR: “Protection of the chestnut stands from Ink disease using native mycology resources”

Important actors from the forestry sector in Catalonia, Spain, also spoke about their work:

  • CASTAÑAS VILADRAU: “Added value products from old chestnuts”
  • LIFE CLIMARK: “Climate credits to foster multifunctional forest management”
  • SELVANS: “Innovative monetization methods to conserve old growth forests”
  • BOLET BEN FET: “Creating a market for mushrooms in Catalonia and beyond”

An opinion from the attending public can be watched in this video, also published on Mycorestore’s YouTube channel.