Inoculation of Trametes versicolor in Linares de Riofrío

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On December 10, 2021, IDForest team, with the help of members of the IRNASA-CSIC team, carried out Trametes versicolor inoculations on logs.

This work was carried out at Linares de Riofrío (Salamanca) demo site. This demo site is made up of a chestnut forest in which humidity prevails throughout the year (very favorable for T. versicolor development). The objective of carrying out these inoculations is to recycle thinning waste made for improve the chestnut health status (against chestnut blight), to produce a fungus with medicinal properties without energy expenditure and contributing to the circular economy.

After inoculating the trunks, it is expected that this fungus will colonize the trunks during the spring of 2022 and during autumn of 2022 the first fruiting bodies can emerge from the trunks.