Technical seminar in Tavertet

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On December 1st, 2021, LIFE MycoRestore celebrated its first Technical Seminar in Tavertet, Catalonia. The theme of the seminar was “Sustainable Forestry Management through added value products. Practical cases from the Mediterranean”. Twenty three individuals attended the event which was held at L’avenc de Tavertet, in the same building where Mycelio’s mushrooms are being produced. The event included a tour of Mycelio mushroom and substrate production facilities. Participants also got to see the compost managed by Volterra and participate in a lively roundtable discussion in addition to hearing presentations from the LIFE MycoRestore team.

Important stakeholders from the forestry sector in Catalonia were present including

  • Castanyes Viladrau, the number 1 chestnut producer in Catalonia
  • Selvans, an NGO protecting ecologically valuable old growth forests
  • LIFE Climark, a project working in some of the same regions as LIFE MycoRestore

Other participants included mushroom producers and mushroom enthusiasts.

The event served as an important networking event between LIFE MycoRestore and LIFE Climark. Both projects have the common goal of monetarily incentivizing sustainable forest management: LIFE MycoRestore through a complete value chain, and LIFE Climark through the valuation of ecosystem services provided.

Soon we will publish a video on the YouTube channel of the project with a summary of the event. The publication will be notified in the News section of this page.

All presentations from this seminar can be found under Downloads.