We continue planting in Cubo de Don Sancho farm (Salamanca)

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In mid-November, Volterra’s team returned to Cubo de Don Sancho farm (Salamanca) to carry out a second plantation of 187 trees of the following species: Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica), holm oak (Quercus ilex) and stone pine (Pinus pinea). This time two of last year’s plantation areas have been expanded and two new areas closer to the lower and middle areas of the farm have been covered. To do this, it was necessary to prepare the ground previously opening holes for the planting and placing, after it was finished, cactus protectors to prevent the seedlings from being eaten by herbivorous predators.

Regarding the state of the previous plantation, 18 trees have been replaced (11 oaks and 7 holm oaks) and for this it has been necessary to remove and reposition the protective elements. The rest of the trees that have survived are in perfect condition and in many of them (especially the pines and rockrose) the growth they have had in this first year can be seen with the naked eye. The area with the lowest percentage of problems is the one closest to the rocky fields in the central area of the farm and therefore it is the plantation that has been more expanded with new trees this 2021 season.