Scientific articles on Life Mycorestore project presented to the scientific community

VolterraNews MycoRestore

An Abstract on biocontrol of soil born forest pathogens with local Trichoderma spp. and Clonostachys rosea has been accepted at the Italian XXVI Phytopathological Society National Congress ( (an oral presentation at the congress will be performed by Dr. Angela Frascella).

On the other hand, a second Abstract has been accepted at the XIII National Meeting on Biodiversity (Biodiversity 2021) ( A short paper will be published on a Special Issue of the journal ‘Sustainability’.

Besides, a scientific paper titled ‘Dynamic and localized reshaping of the fungal community in response to a forest fungal pathogen reveals resilience of Mediterranean mycobiota‘ has been submitted to the peer reviewed international journal Science of Total Environment (STOTEN, IF: 6.511).

All of them serve as an effective tool for dissemination of the project’s results to the scientific community.