Successful Workshop on Mushroom Cultivation

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Saturday March 20th MYCELIO organized and hosted a log-cultivation workshop with tasting event at Mas Avenc in Tavertet. With over 40 participants from different backgrounds the cold but sunny day started with a guided tour of Mycelio’s facilities before moving to the ‘park of smells’. Here IDFOREST started with a theoretical introduction to mycology and cultivation followed by practical instructions by MYCELIO on how to inoculate logs.

Approx 40 people attended this family friendly event

VOLTERRA and SOCIALFOREST representatives were there to explain the LIFE project and help participants. The participants were spread over 10 saw horses where they could inoculate the logs.

The event ended with a lunch and tasting prepared by Lunatic Gastronomía Saludable and chef Karlos from El Raconet de Avenc de Tavertet. All dishes were made with mushrooms provided by MYCELIO. Participants went home with an inoculated log.

Mycelio, IdForest, Social Forest, and Volterra teams present