Distribution of bird-houses in Vadellosa & Cubo de Don Sancho

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The experimental farms of Valdellosa and Cubo de Don Sancho are under a high risk of degradation due to the big effect that diseases are causing to their trees. In order to fight against species such as Corimbux and Phytoptora, seven bird houses have been installed in both farms. Paco is the designer and creator of these bird, insects, and bat houses where animals can hide from predators and reproduce. Paco is an expert in biodiversity in dehesas ecosystems and has accompanied Volterra and CSIC to install the bird-houses and ensure their correct location within the farm.

Ensuring the presence of animals such as birds, bats and pest-predator insects we will have natural predators of these pests reducing their population and therefore decreasing the damages they create to the trees. This biological pest control system is a natural way to reduce the effects of pests and diseases on the ecosystem while increasing its biodiversity and, therefore, its resilience. At the same time, this will also improve the pollination process increasing the state of the system and bringing it back to its natural balance.