Samplings in Vallombrosa

VolterraNews MycoRestore

Last week Dr. Gianni Della Rocca and Dr. Giovanni Emiliani (IPSP-CNR of Florence) went to the pilot area of LIFE MycoRestore in Vallombrosa “Metato”, a Silver Fir mature stand affected by Annosum and Armillaria root riot disease, to collect perennial carpophores of Heterobasidion abietinum.

The work was aimed to collect and maintain a collection of representative isolates/genotypes of the pathogen population to realize, during the next months, compatibility/inhibition tests with potential fungal biocontrol agents.

We officially gave to Carabinieri Forestali some leaflets of LIFE MycoRestore that, from now, are going to be available to interested public at the touristic information point of the Vallombrosa Biogenetic Reserve.