Sampling in Castagno d’Andrea

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On June 22nd, project partners from IPSP-CNR carried out a field visit in Castagno D’Andrea, San Godenzo (Italy) to collect samples from different parts of the trees. These sampling activities allow the study of the Phytophthora cambivora pathogen, its presence and negative effects on the forest health. Phytophthora cambivora is a plant pathogen that causes ink disease in European chestnut trees (Castanea sativa).

In this area, chestnuts represent an important resource and today they are seen as an irreplaceable item on the tables set in autumn. Chestnut trees, therefore, are highly appreciated by the local population and the elders of the region used to call chestnuts “the bread of the mountain”.

This action is part of the MycoControl strategy of the LIFE MycoRestore project which aims at using native fungal species and other myco-control products to reduce the presence of pests and pathogens in Mediterranean forests.