San Godenzo Mission

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On June 16th, Gianni Della Rocca, Giovanni Emiliani, Roberto Danti and Vincenzo Di Lonardo, from IPSP-CNR of Florence, visited the demonstrative area in San Godenzo ‘Castellina-Le Casine’, a Chestnut orchard for fruit production partially affected by Ink disease. There, project partners collected samples of soil, roots and cortical tissues of diseased plants by means of a Pressler increment borer. This fieldwork aimed at compiling and maintaining a collection of representative isolates/genotypes of the pathogen (Phytophthora cambivora) population to carry out, during the next months, tests of compatibility and inhibition with potential fungal biocontrol agents.

Project partners met Dr Paolo Mori, the founder of “Compagnia delle Foreste”, a communication company that offers innovation and produces research and experimentation in the forestry and environmental sector in Italy at a national level. They presented the LIFE MycoRestore project and gave them some leaflets of the project. This meeting represented a networking opportunity with the LIFE AForClimate project (LIFE15 CCA/IT/000089) since Compagnia delle Foreste is a partner of its Consortium.