Magic mushrooms: how fungi help restore forests – FERN’s report

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The LIFE MycoRestore project has been mentioned in the last FERN’s report, the EU Forests of Hope, published in March 2020. Click here to read the report. The article about the project, titled “Magic mushrooms: how fungi help restore forests” is on page 16.

FERN is an organisation dedicated to protecting forests and the rights of people who depend on them. FERN works, together with organisations and policy-makers across the world, to identify the threats world’s forests are facing and achieve environmental and social justice, with a focus on the most affected areas and people.

The EU Forests of Hope report, in contraposition from its previous edition, EU Forests in Danger, presents seven case-studies in Europe where best practices in forest management and conservation are being implemented. These include the communal managed forests of Galicia, in North-West Spain.

The report also includes a special mention to the LIFE MycoRestore project for its innovative use of mushrooms to restore forests and combat climate change. FERN recognises the essential contribution that such initiatives make in improving forests’ health and resilience while protecting local people’s livelihoods.

Here, project partners explain the main objectives and the key role that the LIFE MycoRestore initiative plays for the benefit of both forests and people. Volterra Ecosystems explained how fungi, both below the ground (mycelia) and above the ground (mushrooms), are key to support forest ecosystems while producing high-value edible products. Mycelio and SocialForest also highlighted the importance of this initiative to restore forests while stimulating local communities by building people’s capacities, raising awareness and creating job opportunities.

This mention concludes quoting one of our partners:

“The EU and national governments should continue to fund projects like LIFE MycoRestore that reconnect local people with forests and place them at the centre of public debates”

SocialForest – LIFE MycoRestore