Trees wood inspection with a needle drill resistance measurement

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Dr. Gianni Della Rocca, Dr. Giovanni Emiliani (both form IPSP-CNR of Florence) and Dr. Martina Giachini (Freelance Forest Consultant, one of the major local expert on tree stability evaluations) went to the Silver Fir mature stand in the Metato demonstration area (Vallombrosa) to do a wood resistance measurement in asymptomatic Abies alba standing trees. The activity was realized in agreement with the Carabinieri Forestali Department for Biodiversity of Vallombrosa.

The trees wood inspection was executed with a needle drill resistance measurement device (IML-RESI PowerDrill). The device allows to find internal timber defects, and to determine wood density and growth rates of the inspected trees.

In our case it will be useful to identify wood decay and cavity that might be present in the heartwood of asymptomatic trees caused by the fungal wood decay agents Armillaria spp. and Hetobasidion abietinum.