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From the 25th to the 27th of November, Volterra attended the European Changemakers Summit organized by Ashoka, the largest network of Social Entrepreneurs in the world. Ashoka’s mission to drive systemic changes for social progress is in line with the objectives of the project LIFE MycoRestore which not only includes a social enterprise in the consortium (Social Forest) but also has clear socio-economic objectives including:

  • Safeguarding jobs in forestry and related tourism
  • The expansion of business models to create green jobs in declining rural economies
  • Training of at-risk individuals in forestry practices, wood transformation, and high value organic substrate and mushroom production
  • Diversifying business practices to generate additional income for SMEs

Volterra attended the Summit in Barcelona to network with Ashoka Fellows, find new sources of funding for Mycelio, Social Forest and Volterra itself as well as to learn about the most recent business innovations in social action for climate change mitigation. The most memorable moment was the panel on “Planet and climate: Frontiers for an emerging future” where the CEO of Repsol participated in an open discussion with all individuals present.

Panel on climate change