Volterra – Mycelio technical meeting in Tavertet

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Last week Sven Kallen of Volterra met with Tomas Viguurs and Rodger Abey-Parris to discuss several issues including update of the business plan, Volterra’s role in training and biochar production within the cooperation with partner SocialForest and planning of next activities. Mycelio had prepared a “tastet” or tasting of their mushrooms processed into new “meat replacement” dishes by vegan top chef Eduardo of Lunatic Vegetal, looking for new opportunities for their products. The guests at the Avenc hotel were all very enthusiastic and filled in questionnaires with suggestions.

Given Volterra’s role in organic, grassfed beef production we also discussed potential blended products, so mixing mushrooms with meat in the right proportion to increase health properties, lower carbon footprint and add value in the process.

Some time was also dedicated to check out the progress of biochar in composting (networking with LIFE Regenerate) and green floating filter made of mycelium materials (networking with LIFE Biomass C+).

by Volterra