Phytosanitary survey in the mature and pure Silver Fir forest of Vallombrosa

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On Friday October 11th researchers from CNR-IPSP of Florence (Dr. Gianni Della Rocca and Dr. Giovanni Emiliani) and from the University of Florence (Prof. Paolo Carpetti and Dr. Luisa Ghelardini, both forest pathologists) visited the pilot area of MycoRestore LIFE project in Vallombrosa Biogenetic Reserve (mature pure stand of Silver Fir) for a joint epidemiological evaluation of both causal agent of the root and wood decay Heterobasidion abietinum and Armillaria spp. in Abies alba. Sven Kallen from Volterra, partner of the project, was also present and realized some interviews with the participants for the dissemination of the project activities.

by CNR