Inventory of Cerdeira Forests

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Taking inventory of the ecosystem surrounding Cerdeira Home for Creativity – Cerdeira, Portugal.

Cerdeira village surrounded by unmanaged forests

The activities that take place as part of MycoEconomy in Spain will be replicated in Cerdeira, Portugal. This area consists of unmanaged forests at high risk of wildfire. In the midst of this forest is the Cerdeira Home for Creativity, an eco-tourism hot spot that provides a stimulus to the local economy, and MycoRestore project partner.

As part of the planning phase, and in order to prepare for the sustainable forest management activities that will be replicated in Portugal, a preliminary inventory and analysis of the current situation of forests around Cerdeira has been carried out.

Below you can see some photos of the area.

In the forested areas, LIFE MycoRestore will apply concepts of sustainable forest management, adaptation of forests to climate change, and conservation of forest functions and ecosystem services.

In the Cerdeira Home for Creativity village, the project will train individuals to make use of the potential of wood (biomass pruned from the area) for biomass for energy and as a base for mushroom production, as well as to utilize non-wood products.