Networking between LIFE MycoRestore-Smart Fertirrigation

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On September 17th, a practical theoretical workshop was carried out on the production of Biochar in L’Avenc de Tavertet. Forest biomass could be used in a sustainable manner as an alternative to reduce carbon emissions in livestock farms. The proposal sets out how to make better use of resources based on a circular economy model.

The LIFE18/CCA/ES/001110 MYCORESTORE and LIFE14/ENV/ES/000640 SMART FERTIRRIGATION projects seek to make (more)efficient use of resources. Smart Fertirrigation processes pig slurries so that these can be used as liquid fertiliser, injected directly into irrigation systems. MycoRestore on the other hand proposes innovative uses of mycological resources for forests.

Biochar is a charcoal produced by ‘pyrolysis’ which is the thermal decomposition in the absence or limited presence of oxygen. Biochar is produced in a sustainable way from biomass. This biomass is generated by absorbing atmospheric CO2. As Biochar stores more than three times its weight in CO2, for every kilo of Biochar that is sequestered, three kilos of CO2 are sequestered.

Biochar serves as an alternative to take advantage of forest wood, transform it and then distribute charcoal to the soil. This is in favor of a better soil structure and soil porosity. As such, the use of Biochar provides an overall better forest health.

Smart Fertirrigation
One of the main issues in livestock production is slurry contamination. Alternatives are still sought to reduce its impact. Some of the main conclusions of the use of Biochar are:

  • Biochar acts as a neutralizer of agrochemicals and feed fermenter, reducing the effects on the digestive system and intestinal flora (Dioxins, Glyphosate, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, PAH’s)
  • Biochar boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of infections after using antibiotics
  • Biochar improves the digestive system, promoting red-ox reactions
  • Biochar improves health, balance and activity
  • Biochar decreases diarrhea and improves sleeping conditions
  • Biochar reduces mutagens and endogenous

This workshop was offered to different representatives of the LIFE MycoRestore  and LIFE Smart Fertirrigation by the Carbón Vivo team.