Networking Regenerate and LIFE MycoRestore- improving the composting process

VolterraNews MycoRestore

Rodger Abey owner of the farm Mas Rajols is now a replicator of the Project LIFE Regenerate. He is not only introducing holistic management in his farm to manage his cattle but also looking for new strategies to give value to the biomass around his pasture. The 17th and 18th of September Volterra team started its first biochar production, and application trials in Mas Rajols, Tavertet, inside the LIFE Mycrorestore Project frame.

In order to improve the pasture where Roger cows feed the idea is to mix the biochar with compost generated on the farm from sources such as straw, manure, pruning waste, etc. The biochar will not only enrich the compost but also will provide structure to the soil and speed up the degradation of the compost due to the high interaction of beneficial bacteria.

The biochar, as it has been mentioned in publications before, has 54 uses, and utilizing it to improve the composting process is only one of the values that we can give to it. With the collaboration between these two LIFE projects, we are looking to improve the circular agrarian economy.

We will be keeping an eye on this trial to be able to inform regularly of its improvements.