Mapping Forest Health Vallombrosa and San Godenzo

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        On Friday 30th August personnel from Turin and Florence IPSP units (Dr. Gianni Della Rocca, Dr. Roberto Danti and Dr. Giovanni Emiliani) surveyed the pilot areas planned in the MycoRestore LIFE project: Vallombrosa Biogenetic Reserve (old Chestnut coppice and silver Fir mature forest stand) and San Godenzo (Chestnut orchard) for a joint  evaluation concerning preliminary activities related to the soil analysis (both physical and microbiological). The visit was complemented by Professor Alfredo Vizzini, mycologist at the Turin University and by the Carabinieri Forestali Capt. Giulio Savelli, March. Giovanni Galipò in Vallombrosa only. Target diseases (and areas) have been focused and a first preliminary screening of the existing macromycetes was realized in the two sites.